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The official cabin crew for ground travel.



Standing as a modern metropolis, defined by its sleek skyline, cutting-edge architecture, and vibrant business districts, harmonizing contemporary progress with a touch of cultural heritage at landmarks like the historic Masmak Fortress.


Unfolding as a vibrant coastal city, characterized by its bustling corniche, modern skyline, and thriving commercial hubs, offering a harmonious blend of contemporary living and traditional Arabian hospitality.


Unfolding as a captivating coastal tapestry, weaving together the enchanting rhythms of its lively corniche, the skyline adorned with futuristic masterpieces, and vibrant souks, creating a distinctive fusion where tradition dances gracefully with modern allure along the shores of the Red Sea.


Regardless of the country or chosen trip class, NAYLAM maintains a unified professional standard.

Professional Chauffeurs

All chauffeurs are carefully selected, screened and trained.

Cashless Payment

Pay with ease through a PCI DSS Data Security Standard compliant payment gateway.

Infant Car Seats

Request an infant car seat free of charge for family-friendly trips.

Sanitized and Pre-Inspected Vehicles

All vehicles are inspected and sanitized before each trip.

Wi-Fi Connection

All vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi for passenger use.

Mobile Device Chargers

All vehicles are supplied with multi-charger cables for mobile phones.

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